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Why Choose Us?

Translating has been our job for 50 years.

Ramponi & C. s.r.l. are professional operators in the area of language and semantic consultancy and boast a unique know-how in the world of translation, which has always been their core business.
For many years, our Company has been a benchmark for major businesses, legal and accounting firms and other organizations.
We are committed to a painstaking and reliable translation process supported by a follow-up stage throughout the life of a project. With the help of state-of-the-art computer technology and skilled practitioners, our company provides translations of a high quality standard within the required deadlines.
Our experience as translation and general language services specialists has proved that each project is unique and special. For this reason we avail ourselves of professional mother-tongue translators selected in view of their experience, expertise and reliability.
The trust put in us by our clients, in some cases for over 40 years, is the best assurance we can provide.

Currently we provide services in the following languages:
English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Serbian, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish.

Translations and language consulting

Multilingual translations in all fields: business, technical, legal, economic-financial, scientific, literary, mechanical, electronic, information technology, advertising, medical, food and nutrition, etc.

Certified/legalized translations

Certified translations by accredited practitioners registered with the expert witness panel kept by the Verona Court.
Legalizations and/or Apostilles at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Verona Court and the Verona Prefecture.

Semantic consulting

Interpreting services through professional and specialized mother-tongue interpreters.

Other services

Real-time three-way telephone conferencing
Text editing
Transcriptions from tapes


In accordance with Legislative Decree 196/2003, all personal and sensitive data contained in translated documents shall be processed for the sole purpose of managing the services provided and carrying out the assignment and under no circumstances is it disclosed to third parties. Each assignment is carried out with the utmost confidentiality.