It was back in the 60s when, after completing his education in England, our founder Luigi Ramponi, approached the Passalacqua American Army Base in Verona and began working as a translator/interpreter.
This was the start of a lengthy experience in the languages industry which at the time was almost unknown in Italy.

A tie, a jacket and a deep passion combined with his strive for perfection proved to be a winning formula for Luigi Ramponi: through interpreting and translation assignments he built up his cultural and professional background which he cherished as much as his independence: in order to fulfil his dream of opening his own translation agency, he had no hesitation in declining many secure and well paid jobs.

With the support of his wife he succeeded in his plans and, day after day, he laid the foundations of what was to become one of Italy’s top professional translation agencies.
With great pride he progressively shaped his creature and we, thanks to his generous advice and expertise, have become an integral part of it. His valuable contributions are still today the key to our success.


Today, on the strength of this unique background and thanks to the sense of perfection and professionalism that he handed down to us, we always strive for nothing but the best from ourselves and our team of language practitioners, with a view to providing a highly professional product that fully meets our clients' requirements and expectations.

We can rely on a team of skilled professionals, who have developed an extensive expertise in the pursuit of excellence in their chosen profession. As a result, today we can provide specialized services to both companies and individuals and translations in all fields, from plain business correspondence to fields requiring a high degree of specialization.

Ramponi & C. s.r.l. is an associate member of UNILINGUE, the prestigious European association within EUATC – the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies – and shares its Code of Conduct.